computer play a joke with me! i waste 1day! so angry! I help sue check her computer , when i reach her home ,i found the computer was no woking,and the compute could not scan the harddisk.There are two harddisk ,one is new,another is old.I think the old one may be out of woking . So i remove it, and set the new one to master. then , i install windows xp system, but i my xp disc was broken, Oh~~ too bad! so i install windows 2000 system. but when finished it. new problem came!The computer miss the new harddisk! Is it broken? i was afraid of that. then i remove the new one, install the old one , it worked! Oh!No! is it a good news? may be the new one have something wrong . so i take it bake to home to test it .but it was natural……..

I think of most of thing.may be the problem come from the jumper! i set the jumper again. they were working ……,but ,the system have many wrong there. i think i will install the new system again when i was free!

this computer alway play a joke with me!angrying!!!!!!!!!!!

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